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Voyaguers Lutheran Ministry

A note about VLM from Don Hagestuen

I would like to try to clear up some questions about money given to Voyaguers Lutheran Ministry. Our church, First Lutheran, is among a large group of churches that own VLM. In order to keep the camps operating, each church is asked to give a suggested amount each year. This amount is $3 per confirmed member each year. First Lutheran, because of financial troubles, has not been able to fulfill its obligations. Last year, through the Parable of Talents and other donations, First Lutheran gave $536.20. We hope our congregation can do better to meet its obligations in the coming year.

My main concern in this article is to assure you that if you contributed to the Tend and Nourish Campaign your gifts were recorded and very much appreciated at VLM.

Individuals at First Lutheran gave over $28,000 to the Tend and Nourish Campaign in 2007. That money is being used to retire debts on loans and to make improvements in buildings at both camps. We have a group of people at First Lutheran that have done, and are doing, great things for VLM. The reason this does not show up in First Lutheran's Annual Report is that these gifts are between the individuals and VLM. No accounting of this is done at the local level.

I hope this helps clear up some of your questions.

We look forward to a year when the per capita membership contributions go up! We give thanks for all who faithfully support the ministry of VLM.

Sincerely, Don Hagestuen (927-2811)



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